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Current Term: November 6 - December 22


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Token Christianity  - Journey Into God’s Word - Friends

Token Christianity on Monday nights from 7-9pm: 30th Ave/42nd Street

Hosted by Shannon Smith, taught by Renata Sweeney

When you're the only Christian it can be hard to know where the boundaries are and how to be a gospel influence. Come explore how being the Token Christian is an opportunity to be used by the Lord to let his goodness be known.

Journey Into God’s Word on Tuesday nights from 7-9pm: Connection Church (37th St/31st Ave)

Hosted by Kari McGhee, facilitated by Daniel McGhee

The Bible is God's word and this group will help us learn to love the journey it takes us on. Come dive into the Bible and learn with us how to love reading the Bible.

Friends on Thursday nights from 6-8pm: Ridgewood, Queens

Hosted by Paula Macovei, taught by Manu Macovei

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