We are a family of believers in Jesus Christ. Together we desire for our neighborhoods to become better places to live for all people, regardless of their response to the gospel. We believe the best way for this to happen is for Jesus' prayer in Matthew 6 for God's, "kingdom come here on earth, as it is in Heaven," to become a reality. Our hearts have been broken by our desire to build our own kingdoms, this has led to the hopelessness, brokenness and death seen in the world today. God sent his Son, Jesus, to establish a new rule here on Earth that is marked by hope, healing and life. 

Our Story

In the Fall of 2011 two families, the McGhees and the Mayberrys moved to Astoria from Upstate NY and Houston respectively with the dream of beginning a new church here in Western Queens. Connection Church launched on September 9, 2012 with the vision of "Making Astoria a Better Place to Live." Since then many people have grown in their understanding of scripture and and found hope in the message of the Gospel, they  are the story of Connection Church. 

Connection Church is made up of Neighbors, Friends and Family.


Neighbors are not just those people who live closest to us but all people in whom we come into contact with throughout the day. God calls Christians to love their neighbors with the same type of love he has shown us. God is the creator of everyone and everything; with this in mind we value all people and seek to serve our neighbors daily. 


Friends are people who are somehow connected to Connection. They may attend our #LoveLoud Events in the parks and playgrounds or be a part of a Connect Group. Friends may not be Christians but join in the community of Connection Church as it seeks the welfare of Astoria and Western Queens. 


Family are covenant members of Connection Church. They worship regularly on Sunday evenings and participate in a Connect Group in their neighborhood. There is nothing particularly special about being a family member at Connection except that you get to strive with the rest of our community to see God's kingdom come here in Astoria, NYC and the world as it is in Heaven. 

We would love for Connection Church to become a part of your story, see you soon.